I LOVE YOU! ~ Abbi xoxox

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Haru is too strong for Seungyoon.

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meet Girls’ Generation.

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D-9 Seo Joohyun’s Birthday ♥

→ Soshi Pairings

Finally, my unnies…we,nine people are destined, right~? When I’m sad, you guys shed tears with me, comforted me = sadness ÷ 8 ; When I’m happy, you guys were happy for me as if it was your own happiness =happiness x 8, When I’m sick, you guys gave your own vitamins to me and took good care of me= sickness-8.No matter if I’m Angry, Depressed, Excited or whichever, you guys always stay by my side and support me which brings me happiness, giving me comforts and encouragements, because we’re together so we can understand each other better= happiness+8. My Hardworking and passionate members , we’re all aiming for the same dream. Because of 9 of us we could complete any performances or perform any songs…moreover, because of the time we spent together makes me learned a lot of things. We’re the closest and also very precious, but sometimes because of the close distance we didn’t know how precious our relationship is, I want to say thank you to all of my 8 unnies for everything. Stepping into SNSD’s 8th year, or our 8th year, we should ignore all the negativity (jealousy, childish or rumors that will shake us) Let’s trust each other,support each other and create more possibilities! Hwaiting!!^^ I love you all!

Let’s live in the present~! Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae! (From IGAB thanks to)

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Sorry, Haru. Jiyong samchon is too expensive.

Haru you have my feels

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random seohyun gifset from 2013/2014

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"Curious little beasty"

The girl who played young Aurora here was Angelina’s daughter because she was the only one who didn’t run away when she saw her in her Maleficent costume

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The queens of secondhand embarrassment. 

The queens of secondhand embarrassment. 

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